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My family was built by adoption...

It was those days at the orphanage in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico that made me want to volunteer at the orphanage here in Ganthier, Haiti. I finally convinced my dad that I needed a horse at age 14! I ended up with a fuzzy little yearling mustang named Flicka Cheyenne. She's still teaching kids and being obstinate at Raising Hope Ranch in Gentry, Arkansas.


Sharla (one of RHR's founders) and I, spent many summers horsing around together - at the Parelli Ranch in Colorado and with a Parelli instructor Ms Jerilyn Caldwell. Sharla realized the dream of a ranch to help adopted children using horse therapy, and my life took a different turn. I still believe horses can teach us so much, and some days I still miss the wind in my hair and horsepower underneath me - and the soft breath of Flicka Cheyenne nudging in my pockets for a carrot.

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