I live in Port au Prince Haiti, a city full of contrasts. Look up and you see mountains, palms, and flame trees against a backdrop of bright blue sky. Look down and you see poverty and grime - and goats, rifling through huge trash piles. I find my inspiration in the endlessly blooming bougainvillea, spilling over the ugly, block, grafitti-filled walls. Transforming them. I love this city, and see so much beauty amid the trash. This country has so many stories that I feel need to be written.


As a designer, I look for the spark in your business. Even if you think you're just a mundane carpenter, accountant, or quilter, your business has a special worth and personality that can be communicated through design. In this age, every business benefits from a clean, modern-looking website that functions well on any device, or even just a cohesive, branded, social media presence. It doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming, or super expensive. Let me do some design work for you behind the scenes, and your business can bloom like my favorite bright orange bougainvillea.


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