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Whether I'm in the middle of Port au Prince or down in south Louisiana, this little corner of the internet will stay full of Haitian spice - the Caribbean island culture I love so much.

The blog is like two friends chatting under a mango tree about life, the good and bad surprises that come our way, and how to make sense of it all. 

And if you have a business, whether it's a local brick and mortar that's serving your community every day or a side hustle that you're passionate about, I'm here to help you with your website. Online marketing can take up so much time and energy, so I'd love to work with you to design a budget-friendly website you can be proud of. AND one that really serves your customers. Cuz functional sure beats pretty but it's nice to have both.

And so... why did you stop by?


the blog

Featuring Life in Haiti as The White Girl and my gifts from God on the streets of Port au Prince and among the Louisiana pines

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Image by Kari Shea

website design & makeovers

Budget-friendly websites for real-world brick-n-mortar businesses or help optimizing the site you already have

back of small haitian restaurant by quiara pinchina port au prince.jpeg

cafè au lait cookbook

An inside look Haitian culture & cuisine compiled by 10 girls - Haitian either by birth or by marriage. From pumpkin soup to passion fruit juice, it's so much more than rice & beans served on a tin plate!
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