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Websites for Real-World Businesses

I'm here for the dog trainer, the windshield repairman, the small town restaurant owner, and the lady selling handcrafted baby clothes out of her back bedroom.

If you've tried to DIY your website already, you've probably noticed that most of the help you find online is for people in the digital world - the bloggers, influencers, and digital course creators. It's so hard to find online marketing info for businesses in the REAL world... Busy people like you who are serving your communities in tangible ways and solving day-to-day problems.

I can help you create a website that's free from fluff, both beautiful and functional, and most important, a site that will save you time by making it easy for your customers to find the info they need.

I know you're busy. And you'll have to invest some time and money, but I promise to make the proce as stress-free as possible. And it won't cost you a fortune either.

Web Design Package

You pay $450, plus site hosting fees!

  • I design most of my sites on Wix. That way you have full control of the site after I'm finished and you can edit, change, or cancel the site all by yourself. Most businesses use the Unlimited plan which is around $20 per month AND new customers get the first 3 years 50% off!

  • There will be a bit of a time commitment involved on your end: your site is only as good as the content you provide! Cuz at the end of the day I don't know much about mechanic work, making candles or whatever it is you do. I'll give you a framework to help you write your content tho, and some guidance on taking photos.

Already have a website?

  • I offer site makeovers also! My rate is $40 an hour and I try to cap out at about $450, which is what you'd pay for a new site. 

Need an online store or other special features?

  • I do charge extra do set up e-commerce. Pricing is based on the amount of items you'll be listing. My basic site package is all most people need, but if you need special pages/features, let me know. I promise to be upfront with pricing and if it's too complicated for me, I have a friend that I know will be able to help you out, and I'll refer you!

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Image by Cynthia Winward

The Site Design Process...

What I Provide:

  • A plan for which pages your site should include and why

  • Basic SEO and keyword planning

  • Help writing content that answers your customer's questions and feels personal to your business

  • Tips for taking photos (you can use your smartphone), when stock photos are OK, and where to get them

  • Yearly site reviews after we're done with the project to make sure your site stays up to date

  • Continuing support: free for the first 3 months as you get the feel of what works and doesn't, then $40 an hour for any question/problem that takes longer than 15 minutes to fix

What YOU Provide:

  • To start out, I'll send you a Google form to fill out with basic info about your business

  • You'll want to research and send me links of sites in your industry and what you like or hate about them

  • You'll need decent quality photos and maybe some videos of you working, your equipment, your products, your workspace or facility, etc.

  • You'll need to set aside time to write content about your business - I'll help guide you and even stalk your social media pages to get more details, but the more YOU write, the more personal your site will feel and the more helpful your site will be to your customers.

  • You have to promote the site once it's done! Having a site doesn't mean that people are going to see it! We'll discuss strategies such as using Google My Business, blogging, and social media to get the word out about your awesome business.

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