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Welcome and thanks for joining!

Since I can't have you all over for lunch, I'm sending a little gift - all the recipes you need to make your first Haitian meal. I hope you try them and fall in love with the fresh Caribbean flavor!

Remember, this is just a sneak peek - a few pages of the Cafe au Lait Cookbook. The full version is your go-to guide for simple, easy to make, authentic Haitian recipes. It also includes 2 other sections with simple baking recipes and everyday American and cross-cultural food that you can make from anywhere in the world.

So you have my email address, now what?

You'll be happy to know I'm not going to try to sell you anything. I mean, I'd love for you to grab a copy of the Cafe au Lait Cookbook, but I don't write emails about it.

All you'll get is notifications of my now fairly sporadic blog posts - I'm a mom and the little girl gets priority!

If you want to know a bit more about me, I married my handsome Haitian, Eliezer Pinchina, in the summer of 2020. We met while I was volunteering at an orphanage in 2015. I grew up in southwest Louisiana, trained wild mustang horses for awhile, worked for my accountant dad, and also spent a great 3 years teaching at a Mennonite school in Missouri.


If you like, here's a podcast episode where I was interviewed about our story.


Nowadays, I mostly share random life details and inspirations about living a life filled with faith and hope - even in the middle of imperfections. 

I do also help small Mennonite businesses with their websites, but I don't send emails or write a lot of blog posts about that.


I'm happy you're following along!
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