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Wife Life Number Two

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

So today I woke up completely exhausted and I may or may not have shed just a tiny few tears after Zèzè was gone. Because of the fact that an auntie was coming in a few hours to show my how to kill a chicken. She raises them and wanted to give us one.

The kitchen was terrible from last night... Grease everywhere in the stove and so. Many. Dirty. Pots. But I was almost done when Matant Siltann arrived with the chicken tied up under her arm and her beautiful granddaughters that she's raising. The girls thought I had a beautiful house and kept finding things to clean. They mopped everywhere and dusted the china cabinet and washed the whole stove. Some of the aunts are used to cooking with charcoal and don't feel comfortable opening the burners on my gas stove lol. Strikes me funny because here this lady is with a huge knife ready to take on a rooster but wants me to turn on the gas to boil water.

So she looked the other way and took a big stab with her knife and everyone gathered around to "kite l bat kò li"... Let him squirm around and the girls said, "It hurts him!" I helped get all the feathers out and we washed it with orange and lime and salt 2 times at least and by the time she started cutting it up I couldn't really give it my attention because I was trying to supervise the cleaning. And meanwhile a man had come to fix the kitchen sink that wasn't working and moved the whole sink out on the floor along with everything under it and the floor was covered with water. The girls got bored and started taking pictures of each other and one of them picked up my glass pitcher with flowers from last night and was posing with it lol. I'm glad she didn't drop it!!!

Finally the chicken was rubbed with lime for the last time and spices and I cooked it in a kettle of water for a couple hours so we'll be having fried chicken tomorrow!

I felt so gross I went and slept but turns out I was just dehydrated cuz I drank the cups of water with that liquid energy juice squirted in and I feel fine again. I made an attempt at Haitian food for lunch and Zèzè and the plumber guy ate about 3, but I seriously needed something that tasted like home so I made no bake cookies. You can get packs of hot cocoa mix from the boutik for 15 gourdes (about 15 cents) so I used half a package and cut the sugar in half, used half oil instead of butter, and ended up with 13 yummy little cookies. And the sugar made me feel better too... Yes I'm American lol.

And for those of you who bought gifts for me, I've probably used everything already at least once!!! Most of them everyday. Thank you. And we used wedding money for our solar panel system. We turn the fridge off for the night and have good power 24-7 for which we are so thankful! So many here are not blessed with a house like this... We have it so good!!

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