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The Cafè au Lait Cookbook is now available in digital form!

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flatlay plantain cups by becky hadeed the storied recipe podcast.jpeg

Interview with...

Click the button to listen to my interview with Becky Hadeed from The Storied Recipe podcast about life in Haiti and my "Cafe au Lait" love story, and try this cool recipe I shared with her for plantain cups! All you need are plantains, a hand lime squeezer, and a bit of creativity for the fillings!

Photos by Becky Hadeed, the Storied Recipe Pocast

plantain cups by becky hadeed the storied recipe podcast close up.jpeg

I'm still sharing food ideas...

I had so much fun compiling the Cafe au Lait Cookbook. I love sharing cross-cultural and authentic Haitian food, and I plan to continue the journey! I post (somewhat sporadically) on Instagram and Pinterest. Follow me if you love cooking and cultures. 

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