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On a Slightly More Housewifely Note...

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The goats have settled in nicely, except for one day they somehow got out as we were leaving for work and neither of us noticed. How did you not notice you may ask? I do not have an answer to that question. I just know we both had a bad day and then came home to no goats... We thought they had been stolen! But he decided to ask around and the neighbor had noticed them. I was so surprised and delighted when he came back shooing them ahead of him thru the gate. I asked my students what I should name them, and right away one said, "Name the girl Katie." Then I told them she was black with a white star and they started suggesting all kinds of things like Star and Black Beauty and things from horse books that kids read lol. But I liked Katie. So their names are now Billie and Katie. Mom says," You have two cousins named Katie!" So if you are reading this Katie's do not take it personally that I named a goat after you. If your name is Billie... Same. Lol.

Zèzè bought a pressure washer because he was tired of paying to get our moto and car washed every week. You basically have to for upkeep because of the terrible roads, and we can't use a hose and nozzle with gravity flow water system. They've actually had a hard time getting enough water to the pressure washer. They put a big drum up on a half wall in the yard for extra height and are using a short hose and it works fairly well. After he bought it, he was saying he wished he could start a car wash because on Saturday they make a decent amount of money because no one has water to wash their own vehicles. I said why don't you just do it at our house on Saturdays. Well he latched onto that idea and has been living and breathing car wash ever since. He has a couple of buddies in on it too. It's gonna just be Mennonites because we don't want just anyone in our yard, and he's just going to spread the word and see what happens. They wash the outside and clean the inside and sweep the carpet with a broom... All for under $2! So it won't add up super fast but should be interesting and here if you have a piece of equipment like that you try to use it to make a bit of extra "ti lajan." And we have the space, the washer, and water and power, so why not?Every day if I go buy from the store down the road, I go past the pump and see those people with their buckets there and just thank God for water to wash dishes and clean and bathe.

So today was clean the yard and get the car wash ready day. We slept in till eight and I sleepily made Dutch babies. Actually popover. If you want a less buttery version of Dutch babies sometimes here's the recipe. It's almost crispy around the edges... I kind of like it. You can bake it in muffin tins or a 13x9. Pancake syrup seems so sweet in the heat, so I used this pudding sauce recipe and it was good. I'm going to try doing it with chocolate or peanut butter sometime for crepes. Even Zèzè gallantly ate his almost an hour later when he got back from picking up all our volunteer workers.

We had a week full of yummy mangoes. The neighbor man gave us two and Zèzè, not to be outdone, bought a half dozen or more when he got fruit for juice. They make really good juice actually. We ate them with Dream Whip on crepes, some plain, some with milk in smoothies, some in muffins, and one time I just made one into a pie filling type mixture and we had it on oatmeal pancakes. I also made mango bars. I froze them and they're really good just thin. Next time I'll try doubling the filling I think, and adding coconut to the crust. And IF I had powdered sugar, the tops would get some.

I would like ideas for snacks to take to school. The first few weeks my brain just craves carbs at first recess. Actually in general I crave sugar and caffeine at the beginning of school. So I don't really want to bake sweets just all the time. I already have Zèzè hooked on them I think unfortunately. Haitians eat so much fried food and sweet juice already. I feel like I'm taking the worst parts of our diets and combining them. But fresh fruit is so expensive, and so are things like cheese and nuts... So that leaves...? The other night I made spicy party mix with club crackers, kettle corn, and corn flakes and it was good, but after a few days, the ants got in it and the popcorn got soggy. So next week I think I'm going to go with crackers and peanut butter because we have two big jars of fresh homemade peanut butter.

I did not get my curtains sewed as planned... And my mom in law bought me stuff for pumpkin soup last night. Well it's still on the counter. Zèzès burning yard debris... So if Quiara sees a fire of course she sits by it... Although not as close as she's been known to. But it's raining... My stomach wants supper and my floors want mopping! Good night!

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