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Skills my Dad Taught Me

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

~Swimming~ I'm fortunate enough to not really remember seeing the ocean for the first time or learning to swim, just some foggy haze of dad cheering me on to cross the deep end of a pool of some cabin we were at. Tells you I was nice and young! ๐Ÿ˜‚

~Singing~ I still know all those songs by memory that we sang on the way to school every day.

~Math~ Maybe not quite to the Frank Gilbreth level but you tried and it helped me out teaching later.

~Accounting skills and to always use church insurance plans and tithe~ I tried to pass this on to my students also ๐Ÿ˜‚

~Fence building~ Thanks so much for actually letting me get a horse and while I agree with you that wooden fences are a pain and NOT a good idea still it was probably good for my work ethic to set all those posts. And yes I will always remember to wear my steel toed flip flops when I work outside.

~Tractor driving~ I miss those days in the hay field so much. Thanks for being patient with a girl brain. And can you believe I finally learned to back a trailer?

~Furniture building~ OK you didn't teach me this skill more like you made furniture FOR me and I tried to look helpful. And your projects always look better than the Pinterest version unlike the rest of ours.

~To be generous and make friends with people that are outside our small circle of traditions~ I'm thankful I grew up with such a variety people in and out of our house and lives

Then there are the things I just got thru the blood, like being stingy, scatterbrained, not easily embarrassed and generally curious about trying new things, loving Mexico and watermelon and singing around a fire. The good and also the bad cuz it keeps me humble ... Thank you for it!

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