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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Brene Brown quotes about creativity...

"There is no such thing as creative and non-creative people, only people who use their creativity and people who don't."

"Unused creativity is not benign... it metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgment, sorrow, shame."

My mom and aunt and I were talking about art and creativity... school art... home ec... talents and how people downplay theirs...

There are so many things that can be considered "art." It's how you approach them... if you do them because you have to, or because they light some little spark in you, and give you a dway to share that spark with another. And what if I, as a teacher, could help each student find one tiny something that lights a spark in them? Maybe they would go on to be great at it. Maybe it would just be the one little thing that gives them self-confidence... wouldn't that be amazing?

Some "arts":

  • Cooking... for the people who decorate cakes and arrange fruit platters to perfection, the people that have to have "colorful" meals instead of everything one color, the ones that put a flower bouquet on the table for no reason and whose serving bowls' colors coordinate, for the people with sour dough starter on the counter and homemade yogurt in the fridge, the ones with Pinterest boards of new recipes that they actually try, and for the little extra love that goes into the simple things you cook as well (and oh I forgot latte art)

  • Sports... the forty year old man that has a gleam in his eye when he steps onto a volleyball court, the dad teaching his little boy to hold a bat, the fishermen, the hunters, the soccer players and their fancy footwork, the basketball players that make swishers from the three point line, that one person that watches the ball descend into the outfield and is right under it as it smacks into his glove... and the encourager that maybe isn't the best player on the team but is just plain a joy to play with

  • Pets... the people with hands that can calm a horse down and a voice that every dog obeys...

  • Organizing: here's to ombreeing your sweaters in your drawer, sorting your dresses by the color wheel in your closet, Mason jars with vinyl labels, Ikea tubs... it's an ART truly

  • Graphic design... for my kindred spirits who have hundreds of fonts on their computer, and my girls that print out school newspapers and use a different font each week that goes with the "mood" of creative writing assignment

  • Talking... starting debates, teaching the intermediate Sunday school class, starting conversation in the check out line at Walmart, entertaining storytelling, pun-creating, sarcasm, public speaking, complimenting... oh yes, talking is an art that is very well practiced in my classroom

  • Science... noticing God's creation and remembering facts about it, spotting the deer or the birds on car trips, understanding machines and physics, looking at sunsets, the moon, and the stars... and yes, at school... s.t.e.m. projects... I think science is an art that man was created to learn!

  • Math... is math an art? Sometimes when I'm doing complex geometry problems or taking an equation that's a foot long and simplifying it to x =; I think that math is in fact an art. And some of my math whiz students know that deep down they do think it's fun... numbers and how they work together are truly amazing.

  • Writing: poetry, songs, stories, satire... a beautiful art that I LOVE... and that some of my students are amazing at, even tho they think they hate it. Someday, years down the road, may they itch to have a pen in their hand and express to the world what is in their head...

  • Handwriting: from the careful caligriphyers to the compulsive doodlers... yes, this happens in my classroom, and I learn which couples are getting married and the new babies that are born because their names are swirly-doodled on highly decorated spelling tests

  • Junk Transforming: another art that I love! Pallet signs are the best... it's so satisfying to turn something ugly into something beautiful.

  • Money-saving: Isn't it an art to be able to save money and do things yourself in a way that no one even catches on because everything looks so far from shabby or cheap?

  • Singing: the art of rhythm, harmony, but most of all, bringing out the meaning of a song and letting your soul shine through

  • Color: matching blocks in quilting, putting together an outfit that brings out the color of your eyes, landscaping, decorating a house, coloring, watercolor painting... color makes life beautiful

  • Healing: yessss... the essential oil pros, the massage therapists, the huggers, because hugs are so healing, and the people with pharmacies in their purses

So let's let every day be an art day...

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world." -Brene Brown

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