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A Day of Resting from Labor

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I've been in my hammock looking at the stars and writing a thankful list... The others went to Walmart, and the mosquitos drove me inside. And I feel just a smidge inspired to write about labor day.

We went to Stockton Lake. THE Stockton Lake. With the famous island where all the shenanigans happen, the famous cliffs that people love to jump off to prove their manhood. We had hamburgers. With every topping you could think of... Even fried eggs. It's not bad. I made a massive bowl of pasta salad, freaked out that it wasn't enough, and there is quite a bit left in our fridge.

After supper, one little boat made three very full trips to ferry us all to the island. The sun was setting behind the trees already, and the moon came out... I've been watching it grow every night... It's getting close to half. And there we sat, about 19 of us on the tiny beach, with our feet dug into the gravel.. Some skipping rocks... Just kinda quiet. We girls started singing. The guys said if we got a mic system the youth could give a concert out there that could be heard all over the lake. A boat pulled up and by then we were all singing. We thought maybe they were listening so we did our best to give them something to listen to. We stayed till 9 or so. The boat ride back was quiet and dark. The milky way is so clear right now, and the big dipper just pops out in front of your eyes. The whole evening was just about perfect. And I thought, how will I ever leave this place someday?? Two years ago, these people were strangers, now being with them just plain makes me happy. It feels like a lot has changed... A lot of times I think they have changed, but maybe I have just as much or more... Whatever it is, I'm glad to have them in my life.

And my kids too... Even when the social studies lesson is too long one day, and the next day there is not enough work. Even with "correction wars"and bad grades on quizzes because of not following directions. I love them all. It's a good life and may I never take it for granted.

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