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On the Subject of Adulting

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

So I read a quote this last week... When God planned your calling he factored in your stupidity. Seems a little extreme but it does describe how I feel about this last week!

Last Friday ended with our class having a mock trial which had been put off a couple of days already because of people with the flu. The 5th and 6th were playing volleyball in the gym and the 3rd and 4th were making bread in the kitchen. It was terrible and I ended the day vowing to be a self controlled responsible person and have a structured life and classroom. My knee was killing because of a slide out in basketball and my emotions were completely out of control and I was drinking too much caffeine and eating too much sugar and I needed to "adult."

And I do know how to adult!!! I can eat the lettuce and make the thankful lists and get up on time and take walks and have protein only breakfasts and follow to do lists and stay off my phone an hour before bed. A couple of times I've even managed to do all that on one day. It's not THAT hard!!

I started out the week in my favorite dress, gray moccasins, and a perfectly matched sweater. My knee was feeling a bit better. I ended the week after two nights of falling asleep well after 1 o'clock in my Pippi Longstocking dress with 8 year old yellow converse shoes and a sweater that I only wear if I need to feel like I'm wrapped up in a blanket. Plus my fingers were taped together as I had dislocated my left pinky finger playing ball one night.

During the week my students switched between basketball, soccer, and finally ultimate Frisbee as the new game to "get into." I let them spend close to an hour one day setting up the soccer goals, including last recess while I snuck pecan pie m&ms and checked books. The first day of ultimate Frisbee I explained the rules totally wrong and also yelled at the team milling around to please just throw it already. There is a half built roller coaster in the side of the classroom and one day while some boys started building it, the girls were milling around and one said, miss Nichols can we just sing to the boys? So they did, for 30 minutes... Great science class miss wonder teacher! A couple days we barely finished history and some people had homework. Yesterday it took 30 minutes to get backed up math corrections finished so they could do the quiz. And many are the blue fine slips I handed out for incomplete work, while having a strange feeling that it was somehow my fault.

But in the midst of it all, we had a wonderful fall outing with a hay ride (even on that I felt bad hanging out with the teachers instead of playing disc gulf with my boys). After much prayer, I think I actually taught the whole class what a check register was and how to write a check. The days we were late with history we spent discussing ancient Mayan customs and also how our government worked. And yes Donald trumps wall was mentioned. The days I was sleepy I always still read a psalm and prayed before school. And I think the bonus I'm giving for math accuracy may be helping the tiniest bit.

So I will arise from my hammock... My hot tea is finished. My leggings and oversized shirt that says low battery will come off and I will put on a dress and take a walk. Maybe I can think of a thankful list on the way.

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