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Please Help Me Find this Song!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

There's a tree that stands on a mountaintop

And it's pointing straight to the sky.

Tho the winds blow strong it has learned to bend

And never has broke apart.

For its roots grow deep to the very source

That gives it the strength to stand.

There's a tree that stands on a hill and stands alone.

I want to be like the tree that can stand alone

While the gales are blowing strong.

May I learn how to bend with the wind not break apart!

May my roots grow deep to the source of love

That keeps my spirit strong.

Let me be like the tree growing deep into the source,

And pointing up to God.

There's a rock that's set on an ocean shore

At a place where two seas divide.

Where it's stood the test of some thousand years

And many rolling tides.

There the waves beat fierce on its granite face

But its solid in the sand.

There's a rock that's stood through the storms and still stands on.

I want to hide in the Rock of the Ages

Let me stand and not be moved.

Storms will rage on my soul; I will stay so strong and true!

When the waves crash high, though the billows roll,

My faith in my God is sure,

Let me hide in the cleft of the Rock of God,

And there securely stay.

There's a river starts in the highest hills

Many miles away from the sea.

From the source, a spring, to an ocean vast

It follows its destiny.

Though it knows not where it is called to go

It still flows on and on.

There's a river flows on its journey to its home.

I want to be like the river that still flows on

Though I don't know where I'll go.

Though my faith started small at the source it slowly grows.

As I travel on through this world, I know

My Jesus is leading me

Let me be like a river that flows on and on,

And find my way to home.

I found this song on my phone tonight. I have no idea where it comes from! Looking at the date, I think someone sent it to me in June 2017! :) I'm so glad I found it tonight... It speaks to me. Especially the last verse. It's amazing how we get converted at 12 years old, with a small simple faith. God leads us to bigger and bigger challenges, but still we don't know what's ahead. There is nothing we can do to prepare for the future, except to be faithful in the present.

If anyone knows where I can get a copy of it, please tell me. I want to sing it with my girls! Help me pray for my class during this revival... I'm reliving how I felt at their age, sometimes scared and overwhelmed... They are going through an age of much change right now. Some days I see them growing up right before my eyes, and I feel so privileged to be in their lives right now!

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