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Prayer Request

My husband's boss, our friend and neighbor Jeanto Dorleus was kidnapped this afternoon by the clinic in Croix des Bouquets. Jeanto is a deacon at the Cazeau congregation and has been the director of the CSI clinic for years.

So far, the family is just waiting to hear from the 400 Mawozo gang as far as what they want. Jeanto had another employee with him when he was kidnapped, who the gangsters didn't take, and that's how the family found out what happened.

His wife has been sick a good part this last year, and I'm sure she is terrified tonight. He has 4 children, 2 youth age boys, a school age boy and a younger girl. The children spend a lot of time at our house... It's a family that's very special to Zèzè and I. Jeanto has done a lot for us since we've been married, and we ask that you would help us and the church in Haiti pray for our brother and his family during this time that God can deliver him and give the family calmness.

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