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She's Here

To my brand new daughter...

I wish you a future as bright as a flame tree in full bloom, as sweet as fresh Haitian hot chocolate, with bit of salt and a spicy cinnamon stick thrown in for flavor.

I hope you grow to be a woman as strong and true blue as the Caribbean sea, as beautiful and delicate as my favorite pink bougainvillea.

I wish you a long life filled with days as exciting and busy as a crowded Saturday morning market, and even more days that are calm and quiet - as long soulful as an old French hymn accompanied by faithful drumbeats played by dark and steady hands.

Ou baby Ava is everything we dreamed of. She's got long black hair, the cutest little round face and a little flat nose and beautiful lips. Her fingers and toes are super long too... And she has a hilarious way of spreading her toes out like a little monkey.

We are so grateful that she's healthy and for this awesome privilege to be her parents. This year has been hard at times, and scary. I found this verse in Isaiah one time when I was struggling, and it became the verse I said over and over when I was feeling stressed or afraid about something. I feel like I'm totally living in the reality of it now!

God is good.


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